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Imran Shaikh Attari



In 1994, he completed a two-year computer course from Master Computer Center- Karachi. In 2002, he graduated in Arts from Government Commerce College-Karachi. At present he is preparing for M.A. in English from the University of Karachi. Imran Sheikh was married in a very respectable family on 15th September 2002.

Imran Sheikh Attari is a very simple, social and a down-to-earth person. He is liked by many for his etiquettes, thoughts and humility. He inherited this attribute within his very home as his parents are considered to be the masters in their field. They are known for their rendition of naats throughout the country.

This blessed child was gifted by a beautiful voice and had also an incomparable amount of love for the Messenger of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). And this is one of the major factors that helped Imran Sheikh to become what he is today. He has won many accolades over the years. During his school and college days, he got the chance to polish his skills.

Owing to his excellent skills and true potential he enjoys a wide support and motivation from his mentor and best freind Muhammad Munawar Ali Attari.

Mohammad Imran Sheikh Attari is known worldwide for his outstanding contribution so much so, that Radio Stations in UK, South Africa, USA, India and Bangladesh broadcast his naats on regular basis. He also has the privilege of releasing more than 100 audio cassettes under the banner of different companies. The credit for such astounding success of his Cassettes and Audio & Video CDs goes to his remarkable voice quality and the passion to show respect and gratitude to the Holy Prophet SALLALLAHO ALAIHA WASALLAM

Imran Sheikh Attari bestowed by Allah the opportunity to perform Hajj and Umrah three time. Imran Sheikh Attari and his family are truly the blessed ones and leading a life that can easily be exemplified for the masses living in the country and abroad. May Allah always shower His blessings on him and his family.


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